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Terms and Conditions

Refunds Policy 

In accordance with South African legislation on distance selling any claim for a refund must be made within 30 days of the first module being dispatched. Thereafter no refunds will be given. This is applicable to both upfront payment options and debit order options and instalment options. 

On the rare occasions that a student’s circumstances change dramatically and a student cannot continue their studies, Pet Sense College, at the sole discretion, may reward a refund, after 30 days, subject to the following conditions: 

  1.  Registration fees paid in respect of Pet Sense College, and other awarding bodies are not refundable.
  2. No module notes or books are returnable.
  3. Any books supplied will be charged at retail value.
  4. Any module notes provided will be charged at a rate appropriate to the price band for the course, prices available on request.
  5. Any module that has had work submitted for marking will be deemed to have been completed (even if returned for re-submission) and charged at the full rate.
  6. No charge will be made for postage.
  7. Any bank charges related to payments received or collected will be deducted from any refund awarded. The right is reserved to levy an administration charge in all cases.
  8. Any student wishing to change course will be able to transfer any funds paid (subject to conditions 2-6) at any stage within 6 months of the despatch of their first module. They will be required to re-register.


It should be emphasised that claims for refund are very rare (less than 1 in 300 registrations at the last count) and these are usually due to the student’s circumstances changing dramatically as would be the case in serious long term ill health. Before asking for a refund after the 30 day period students are reminded that they have bought a product which, like any other product, cannot be returned for a refund after 30 days simply because you have decided that it no longer suits your requirements. 

Restart policy 

There are generous limits to how long a student can take over their course subject to the following conditions:

  1. A maximum period of 6 months is allowed to complete and submit a module.
  2. A student will be classified as re-starting a course after a period of 6 months has passed since they last submitted work (or registration date if no work has been submitted).
  3. If a period of more than 12 months has passed since work was submitted (or registration date if no work has been submitted) restarting is at the discretion of Pet Sense College.
  4. In order to restart, a new registration fee is payable at the current rate.
  5. If paying by the module, current prices will be applied to the remainder of outstanding modules.
  6. If paid in full a pro-rata module fee may be added to account for any price differences at the date of restart.
  7. If fully paid and a restart is not requested the student is entitled, on request, to receive all remaining modules of the course concerned. Once dispatched a later restart is not possible.
  8. Only one restart is permitted per course.
  9. If it is necessary to re-send a copy of module notes a charge will be levied to cover costs incurred.