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Feline Behaviour and Psychology - Diploma








As well as being an enjoyable course, this is designed to be a serious introduction to the fascinating subject
of feline behaviour. Obviously the subject matter is huge and it would be impossible to cover it all in a course of this size, however more advanced courses are planned.
Course Modules
1. Ways of Explaining Feline Behaviour

• The effects of biology on behaviour
• Learning and behaviour
• One trial learning
• Do cats think?
• Non verbal communication
• Anthropomorphism
• The critical periods
• Feline Instincts
• What is a behaviourist?

2. Sexual Behaviour and Birth

• Reproduction: Asexual and Sexual
• Sexual maturity in cats
• The anatomy of reproduction in the queen
• The behaviour of the queen
• The anatomy of reproduction in the tom
• The behaviour of the tom
• Courtship and mating
• Artificial Insemination
• The Pregnancy
• Birth and problems during the birth
• After the birth
• Problems occurring after the birth
3. Kitten and Young Cat Behaviour and Psychology

• The first few hours of the kitten’s life
• Physical development of the kitten
• Behavioural development of the kitten
• Genetic and environmental influences
• The learning skills including grooming and social learning
• Weaning
• Socialisation
• Classical and Operant Conditioning
• Positive and negative reinforcement
• Natural selection theory
• Innate and learned behaviours

4. Behaviour and Psychology of the Adult Cat

• Development Psychology of the adult cat
• Nature and Nurture debate
• Evolution of the cat
• The feline sense of sight
• The feline sense of smell
• The feline sense of taste
• The feline sense of hearing
• The feline sense of touch
• Maturity: Sexual, Physical and Psychological
• The cat as a social animal
• Cat’s vocal communication
• Multi-modal communication
• The elderly cat

5. Unusual Feline Behaviour

• What is normal feline behaviour
• Innate behaviours
• Unwanted behaviour
• Redirected behaviours
• Stereotyptical behaviours
• Learned helplessness
• Feline psychogenic alopecia
• Feline hyperesthesia
• Feline responses to situations
• The social world of the cat
• Marking territory
• The difference between marking and spraying and inappropriate elimination
• Learned Aggression
• Attacking behaviour
• Fear Aggression
• Behavioural changes in the elderly cat
• Why might a cat learn unwanted behaviour
• How cats learn

6. Avoiding Problem Behaviour

• The effects of early environment on a kitten
• Toilet training
• Playing
• Stress in cats
• Minimising stress
• Introducing other animals
• Introducing children
• Cats and dogs
• Training cats
• How cats learn
• Behaviour shaping
• Clicker training
• An example of clicker training cats
• Punishment

Study Level 3
• The study Level relates to the how demanding the course is. 1 is beginner and 5 is HND / Foundation
Degree level.

6 Module Course
• This course is delivered in 6 study modules which need to be passed to gain the qualification


Fees: Excluding VAT

• Course fee – R7790.00 (includes registration and certification)
• Installment option – R1750 registration, R200 certification and R1260 per module
Monthly installments – Choose your own amount to pay monthly, no less than R500, over and above reg and cert payment. (This option ensures that finances don’t get in the way of completing your course, giving you peace of mind.)(Each module must be paid up before release.)

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