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Equine Courses

We know that Covid-19 and the recent unrest in the country is making life tough.

We are coming on board to help lighten the load and offering a special till end of August 2021.

Purchase a full course upfront – receive a whopping 15% discount on your purchase.

Should you decide to go the installment route, you will receive 10% discount on the registration fee with the purchase of your 1st module.

Remember you will only pay registration fee once per course.


You can register via the website or simply download the Registration document and email it to registration@petsensecollege.co.za and we will send a quotation to you.

Excludes the Canine Behaviour and Training Instructor’s Diploma.


Our courses are recognised by the Animal Behaviour Consultants of South Africa who are the registering authority for animal behaviour consultants in Southern Africa.

Registration is open all year round. You decide when you are ready to register as all our courses are correspondence. There are no exams as you are marked on course work and module projects. You can work at your own pace, within reason. We believe there should be a limit, as the longer the gap between modules the more you need to reacquaint yourself with previous work.

This course has been designed with the semi-experienced horse owner in mind but is also very helpful for those considering getting involved with horses for the first time. This course is also useful for anyone working with horses or within the animal care industry in general.

As well as an enjoyable course, this is designed to be a serious introduction into the fascinating subject of equine behaviour. Obviously the subject matter is huge and it would be impossible to cover it all in a course of this size, but if you have never studied psychology before this is a good place to start.