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Advanced Diploma Courses

We know that Covid-19 and the recent unrest in the country is making life tough.

We are coming on board to help lighten the load and offering a special till end of August 2021.

Purchase a full course upfront – receive a whopping 15% discount on your purchase.

Should you decide to go the installment route, you will receive 10% discount on the registration fee with the purchase of your 1st module.

Remember you will only pay registration fee once per course.


You can register via the website or simply download the Registration document and email it to registration@petsensecollege.co.za and we will send a quotation to you.

Excludes the Canine Behaviour and Training Instructor’s Diploma.

The aim of the Advanced Diplomas is to prepare participants academically to work in the role of a behaviour advisor or specialist. These definitive courses are not open to all due to the technical nature of the material and potential students will have to demonstrate their ability to study at the level (HND level 5).

Both the Animal Behaviour Consultants of South Africa and the South African Board of Companion Animal Companions recognise the courses however students have to meet these institutions’ other criteria such as experience etc For more info about their criteria for accreditation, visit their websites.

Should you be interested in applying for one of these courses, please email celia@petsensecollege.co.za for an application form.

The aim of the course is to prepare participants academically to work in the role of animal behaviour technician. It is recognised by ABTC as meeting the academic requirements for this role.

This Level 5, degree equivalent course is designed to be the definitive course on canine behaviour management, for those who want to gain a superior understanding of dog behaviour problems in order to work in the field as a behaviourist or behaviour consultant.

This Level 5 course aims to prepare participants academically to work in the role of feline behaviour advisor dealing with behaviour problems.