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canine aggression

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Canine Diploma Courses

Browse through the canine behavior diploma courses below to find a course most suitable for your requirements. If you are starting out or working towards full accreditation, you will find a suitable course.

Our canine behavior diploma courses are all correspondence which means that you can study part time at home from anywhere in South Africa and Africa.

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Feline Diploma Courses

All our courses are recognised by the Animal Behaviour Consultants of South Africa, who are the registering authority in Southern Africa. Browse through the options below to find a course most suitable to your requirements. If you are starting out or working towards full accreditation, you will find a suitable course.

Click on the red underlined area to open the full details of the course.

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Other Courses

Our courses are recognised by the Animal Behaviour Consultants of South Africa who are the registering authority for animal behaviour consultants in Southern Africa.

Registration is open all year round. You decide when you are ready to register as all our courses are correspondence. There are no exams as you are marked on course work and module projects.

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Prices to remain the same for 2020.

We will not be increasing prices for 2020 however we are now obligated to start charging VAT from Feb 2020. Please note that VAT will be applicable to full course payments, pay-as-you-go and monthly instalments. Should you wish to avoid this VAT increase in Feb 2020, kindly make payments for your remaining modules before then.



Due to popular demand The Canine Behaviour and Training Instructor’s diploma will also run from 1pm-4pm from the 1st of Feb 2020.  The 9am time slot is fully booked.

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Our latest newsletter has been sent.

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Professional Kennel Operator Diploma

With an increased need for kennelling services, we are now providing a course for students who would like to work in this line of pet care.

Pet Sense College is passionate about animals and we do our bit to assist, by providing education which is directed specifically at helping animals in need.  Education is very scarce in this field which can lead to the animals, in the care of kennel owners, suffering.  Should you register for this course and run a rescue facility, kindly send proof of your NPO reg and you will receive a further 5% discount. This offer is valid till end of March 2019.



Animal Care, Welfare and Husbandry Diploma.

Due to increasing demand for educated professionals in the rescue and care fields, we now offer the Animal Care Welfare and Husbandry Diploma.  This  programme has been developed for those who want to know more about the care of particular species of domestic pets and are planning to work in a pet store or animal rescue center. It will also be a very useful introduction to further study for those wishing to embark on a career as an animal care assistant. It is a very comprehensive programme that is unrivaled in the sector. Modules 1 and 2 are compulsory. Four from the remaining 6 must also be completed. Each module will contain details of the animals’ husbandry including health issues, vaccinations, reproduction, any grooming, nail care and dental care that might be needed along with suitable accommodation and diet



July 2018
Brand New Diploma course launch.

Pet Sense College in conjunction with Compass Education and Training UK have recently launched our new Advanced Diploma in Animal Behaviour Management.

This course has been developed to cover a broader base of animals to prepare students academically  who work in veterinary practice or for animal keepers in wildlife collections.  This comprehensive diploma includes 12 modules which have been carefully developed to work as an animal behaviour technician.

We are launching this course with a 10% discount till end of August 2018 for students who enrol and pay upfront for the full course.  This is a massive R2520 saving.

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Veterinary Receptionist Course – now available.

Furthermore we are now also offering the Veterinary Receptionist course.  This four modules programme is designed to be the most comprehensive and relevant course available anywhere. It is written by an experienced veterinary surgeon with additional material contributed by an experienced veterinary nurse, both people who know what they need of someone who is frequently the face of the practice.



Two special people, who work in rescue, receive a full bursary from Pet Sense College:

In 2018, Pet Sense College launched the “Give to those who give the most” campaign offering a full bursary to applicants who work in rescue.

“Working in rescue must be one of the hardest jobs to do, dealing with animals that are neglected and then having to find suitable home for them” Celia says, “ and this why we feel it is our duty to offer these amazing people, the skills to do the best job they can do, by offering them hands-on practical skills to improve the lives of the dogs they rescue.”

We would like to offer our congratulations to Margit Rebak who volunteers at the Edenvale SPCA and to Lynda Kotze who is the director of Chihuahua Adoptions SA who both successfully applied for the full bursary and started the Canine Behaviour and Training Instructor’s Diploma on Saturday, June 16.   We look forward to helping the best way we can, for our community, by educating these two incredible students.



Two additional courses have been added to our portfolio.

Professional Pet Care and Veterinary Practice Assistant – Diploma  Part 1 and part 2.

This course has been developed by Compass Education and Training UK for those who want to work with animals in a veterinary setting. It covers all the knowledge and understanding topics that are required to be employed as an Animal Nursing Assistant with the exception of the work experience and practical related subjects.  The first part will be particularly useful for any one caring for a range of animals in a professional capacity and the second part that is aimed specifically at the veterinary practice assistant.



Announcement of bursary winners for the 1st take-in.

Today, 7 March 2018, we are very proud to announce the three winners of the bursary for the Canine Behaviour and Training Instructor’s Diploma.
One applicant from Wetnose Rescue Centre, Labrador Rescue South Africa and Boxer Rescue South Africa has been selected to partake in this part-time course commencing on 10 March 2018.
This comprehensive diploma will educate and teach skills to participants who will no doubt enrich their prospective rescue centres. Working in rescue is no easy feat and this bursary offer will hopefully help countless rescue dogs and prospective owners.

“We are very proud to be in a position to help those who help the most” says Celia McCulla, the owner of Pet Sense College. “There are so many people who work with dogs in shelters who can’t afford the costs of a professional course, but a qualification would enhance capabilities and the living experience of the dogs that they work with. This is a fantastic opportunity to get a recognised diploma in a profession that many people work in, just out of the goodness of their hearts.”





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Canine Behaviour diploma offered to deserving shelter workers

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